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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] po/hu.po: Hungarian translation for the GTK+ in

From: Laszlo Ersek
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] po/hu.po: Hungarian translation for the GTK+ interface
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 21:50:49 +0200
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On 05/05/13 21:29, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> Il 05/05/2013 20:47, Laszlo Ersek ha scritto:
>>> +
>>> +#: ../ui/gtk.c:1252
>>> +msgid "_Pause"
>>> +msgstr "_Megállítva"
>> I think the word is used here as a verb, ie. "pause the virtual
>> machine". You could say "Felfüggesztés" (noun) or "Felfüggeszt" (verb,
>> present tense, singular, third person) -- again forms of "suspend". I
>> seem to recall that the second form is preferred in some circles but I
>> could be easily wrong. "Pillanatállj" could work too (the eighties say
>> hello!)
> Comparing the Italian and Hungarian translations of Rhythmbox gives
> these ideas:
> msgid "%s (Paused)"
> msgstr "%s (leállítva)"
> msgid "Pause"
> msgstr "Szünet"
> I know nothing about Hungarian (except "egesegede" or something like


> that), so perhaps the latter doesn't make any sense for a VM.  In that
> case, "Pause" is definitely meant to be the same you had on remote
> controls (and still have actually), and "Pillanatállj" sounds like a
> good choice.

Actually "szünet" is a great suggestion. No idea why I didn't think of
it! "Szünet" is a noun, but if you want to cause something to pause, you
could say "szüneteltet".

Either "szünet" (pause, noun) or "szüneteltet" (approx. to pause sth,
verb) is good IMHO. "Szünetel" is also good for "it is making pause"
(ie. it's paused).

Let's see what Ákos thinks :)

> Anything that is the same as the translation of "Suspend" in the
> shell/panel UI is wrong (again, gnome-shell.mo suggests that's
> "Felfüggesztés").



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