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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/24] QemuOpts util/cutils: Fix and clean up number

From: Markus Armbruster
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/24] QemuOpts util/cutils: Fix and clean up number conversions
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 11:25:47 +0100

QemuOpts has its own code to convert strings to numbers, and being
QemuOpts, it gets it wrong.  util/cutils is less wrong.  Fix it up
some, and reuse it for QemuOpts.

Markus Armbruster (24):
  tests/test-qemu-opts: Cover qemu_opts_parse()
  QemuOpts: Assert value string isn't null
  tests/test-cutils: Add missing qemu_strtol()... endptr checks
  tests/test-cutils: Clean up qemu_strtoul() result checks
  util/cutils: Rewrite documentation of qemu_strtol() & friends
  util/cutils: Rename qemu_strtoll(), qemu_strtoull()
  util/cutils: Clean up variable names around qemu_strtol()
  util/cutils: Clean up control flow around qemu_strtol() a bit
  QemuOpts: Fix to reject numbers that overflow uint64_t
  tests/test-cutils: Add missing qemu_strtosz()... endptr checks
  tests/test-cutils: Cover qemu_strtosz() invalid input
  tests/test-cutils: Cover qemu_strtosz() with trailing crap
  tests/test-cutils: Cover qemu_strtosz() around range limits
  util/cutils: New qemu_strtosz_metric()
  util/cutils: Rename qemu_strtosz() to qemu_strtosz_mebi()
  util/cutils: New qemu_strtosz()
  util/cutils: Drop QEMU_STRTOSZ_DEFSUFFIX_* macros
  tests/test-cutils: Use qemu_strtosz() more often
  tests/test-cutils: Drop suffix from test_qemu_strtosz_simple()
  qemu-img: Wrap cvtnum() around qemu_strtosz()
  util/cutils: Let qemu_strtosz*() optionally reject trailing crap
  util/cutils: Return qemu_strtosz*() error and value separately
  util/cutils: Change qemu_strtosz*() from int64_t to uint64_t
  QemuOpts: Fix checking of sizes for overflow and trailing crap

 hmp.c                  |  11 +-
 hw/misc/ivshmem.c      |   9 +-
 include/qemu/cutils.h  |  29 +--
 monitor.c              |   7 +-
 qapi/opts-visitor.c    |  11 +-
 qemu-img.c             |  62 ++---
 qemu-io-cmds.c         |  16 +-
 qobject/qdict.c        |   2 +-
 qtest.c                |  34 +--
 target/i386/cpu.c      |   9 +-
 tests/test-cutils.c    | 642 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 tests/test-qemu-opts.c | 289 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 util/cutils.c          | 239 +++++++++---------
 util/log.c             |   4 +-
 util/qemu-option.c     |  87 +++----
 15 files changed, 959 insertions(+), 492 deletions(-)


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