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Re: Any interest in dwc-otg (aka dwc2) device emulation? For Raspi 3 and

From: Paul Zimmerman
Subject: Re: Any interest in dwc-otg (aka dwc2) device emulation? For Raspi 3 and below.
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2020 20:15:33 -0700

Hi John,

Thanks for the tips! I found an issue when testing with the usb-storage device, so I will work on fixing that, and then think about how best to split up the patches.


On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 7:23 PM John Snow <address@hidden> wrote:

On 3/6/20 7:34 PM, Paul Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have been working on an emulation of the dwc-otg USB controller
> (host mode only for now), as implemented on the Raspberry Pi 3 and
> below, and on numerous other embedded platforms. I have it to a point
> where it works pretty well with the dwc2 driver in the mainline Linux
> kernel, and with the dwc-otg driver in the Raspbian kernel. Mouse and
> keyboard work fine, and I *think* the usb-net device is working too,
> although I have been unsuccessful in connecting to the outside world
> with it.
> I haven't done anything with gadget-mode yet, but that could certainly
> be added in the future.
> Would there be any interest in me submitting this for inclusion in
> Qemu? I ask because I see there was a previous effort at this at
> github.com/0xabu/qemu/hw/usb/bcm2835_usb.c, but it seems it never went
> anywhere.
> Thanks,
> Paul

At a minimum, I think you should send your patches to the list for
posterity even if they don't wind up getting enough review pressure to
be merged.

If you want advice on how to split up your patches to entice more
reviewers, please let us know and any one of us can write a thousand
more :words: that might help make a better case.

(There's a much-too-long wiki entry on the matter, if you are brave.)

The issue, as always, is usually just reviewer time -- and how squeaky
the wheel is. Making the patches look pretty and well organized is one
way to trick well meaning people into reviewing your patches.


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