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Re: [Qemu-ppc] Problem booting qemu-system-ppc with cpu e500XX and machi

From: Alexander Graf
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] Problem booting qemu-system-ppc with cpu e500XX and machine mpc8544ds
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 12:19:36 +0200

On 30.06.2012, at 10:43, Badrinath Sriman wrote:

> Alex,
> Thanks a lot for your immediate reply. Couple of points:
> a) I have been using -M option only before mpc8544ds, as I am also using the 
> -m option for specifying the memory. It was a typo error on my part in my 
> mail. Sorry about the same.
> b) From your reply, I think that the key thing as to why the guest window 
> does not pop up

Ah, there's also no easy VGA for -M mpc8544ds. So you will have to use 
-nographic and live with the serial console output for now.

> seems to be that the -M mpc8544ds option mandatorily expects a -kernel and 
> -initrd option, whereas I have been trying to boot it through the usual 
> -cdrom <bootable.iso> -boot d option, as my understanding of qemu was that 
> -kernel option was supported only for linux as guest OS. I shall now try to 
> use the -kernel option for specifiying a netbsd kernel and let you know the 
> result. Since netbsd has the ramdisk built inside the kernel itself (unlike 
> linux where we can give kernel and ramdisk separately), will the -M mpc8544ds 
> work with the -kernel option alone, or does it expect a -initrd option too as 
> a mandatory parameter?

-initrd is 100% optional. I don't know the boot format of NetBSD, but in 
current git we basically support 3 types of kernel images:

  * uImage
  * ELF
  * raw binary blob

If the NetBSD kernel is one of them, it might work. But really, expect to do a 
bit of debugging to actually get something working out of it, since I don't 
anybody has ever used NetBSD on top of QEMU for MPC8544DS before, so we might 
be missing some bits.


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