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Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playst

From: repo-criteria-discuss . grokchem
Subject: Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playstore & F-Droid
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 11:48:20 -0500
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* Hannes Rosenögger - address@hidden 
<repo-criteria-discus.grokchem.4a0bd92db0.123haynes#address@hidden> [2020-01-13 
> Fyi: It seems that Gitlab merged an alternative to recaptcha 2 month ago.
> It is not yet enabled by default on though.

There is a trend for projects to move from MS Github to
under the naive idea that is an ethical alternative. has several ties to Google: Google hosting, Google
reCAPTCHA, and gmail for issue notices and submissions.  Note that
among other evils, Google has been caught spending dark money on
climate denial, and this is ultimately fed by the surveillance
capitalism machine of all Google's services.

Now if we neglect the scope of ethics that are orthoganol to free
software, it first must be realized that the GNU Ethical Repository
Criteria Evaluations applies to the *service* not the
underlying software.  While the software change you mention is in a
positive direction, readers expect the rating system to reflect
today's reality rather than hope for the future.

There is an opportunity here to downgrade's rating, as it
should be, so the action can then be publicized in social media.  The
effect of which is people learning about better places to host their
project (e.g. GNU Savannah), as well as people learning about FSF's
ethical repo campaign itself.  Waiting for to implement the
non-Google CAPTCHA would defeat these opportunities.

BTW, there are some other repositories that should perhaps be
considered for rating:


Having a paltry evalutation list of four sites doesn't make for a very
interesting resource.

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