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[Savannah-hackers-public] our wiki status

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] our wiki status
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 18:45:53 GMT

Bob and I have been working on the wiki breakdown.  Here's what's done:
- the ikiwiki package is installed and basically configured on frontend.

- it is connected to the subversion source repository in the
  administration project,
  (More details another time.)

- the html for our pages (there are about 150, most short) are
  saved in that svn repo; they aren't visible on our web site yet, though.
  I retrieved them by hand from the Wayback Machine, starting from
  It had all the actual content that I remember ever being there.

Here are my next steps:
- write something to convert that dumped html to markdown; then at least
  we'll have the documentation online again.  I hope to get the basic
  task done in the next day or two.

- set up a post-svn-commit hook so that commits automatically cause the
  wiki to be updated.  Also set up email on commit.

- enable editing through the web.

Obviously much more to say/document eventually, but that's the current
state.  The wiki content itself is also badly, sadly, madly stale.

By the way, neither Bob nor I could find a way to extract the actual
text from Zope's Data.fs file.  The provided fsdump tool gives a text
transcription of it:
  env PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/zope2.10/lib/python \
    /usr/lib/zope2.10/bin/ \
    /var/lib/zope2.10-20120719/instance/default/var/Data.fs | head 

But this seemed to just report transactions, referring to opaque data
pointers.  No actual content.  We found lots of people asking questions
about it on the web, but no usable answers.  If Zope was actually
running, it would be possible to export the "objects" (pages) in various
ways, but of course, we can't get Zope to start.

Hence the brute force save from wayback.  Yay for wayback.  They did
better backups than anything we had ...


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