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Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Help wanted (sysadmin work)

From: Yaroslav Klyukin
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Help wanted (sysadmin work)
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:55:56 -0400
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Sylvain Beucler wrote:

GNU/Linux betters reflects what the operating system is. If RedHat
calls its distribution Linux, it is improper.

Good. That's what I was saying. Linux is not the proper name, because it does not reflect the true meaning of what RedHat did. It's their OS.

for developers. As a beginning CS student, it took me a while before to
discover GNU programs were in my system (and even longer to understand
the origins of this "RedHat Linux"). And of course, nothing mentioned
what was free software. I seldom discovered some "This is free

Well, this is exactly what RedHat and others want!
They don't want people to know that this software is free, because they want people to buy it!
That's why they call it "Opensource".

As for the GNU/Linux|FreeBSD thing, do not forget that you do not
simply make an OS just by putting together pieces of software developed
independently. These pieces of software has to be glued together. A
point of GNU is that all programs are designed to stick together, hence
why it is not a bunch of tools, but an OS, IMHO.

I disagree with that. A set of tools designed to work togather - are a set of tools. It does not make them an OS. An OS - is an independent environment that you can obtain as a whole in one logical piece, install without any additional software and use.

For instance Debian GNU/Linux - is an OS.
Xfree86 window system - is not, despite that there are tonns of programs that are glued to it and work togather as one.

Of course, I am a free software developer, a GNU fan, I think in my
own head, and I do not try to put myself in the head of somebody else.

On the contrary, I ask other people's opinions to find the right option for myself. The more discussion - the fuller the overview of the subject. I am not afraid to discuss topics, which some people may not like, in order to decide for myself - what's right for me.

Now, make me a favor and do not reply to all this mess I wrote, and
just tell us what exactly you do not understand about GNU/Linux.

Well, it's too late. I have started to reply already. Sorry.
You are right. This discussion does not lead to anything.
I will try to avoid this topic in the future.
I think it would be more productive to discuss the subject.
What are the tasks, which I can perform in order to help at

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