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key bindings

From: Zenaan Harkness
Subject: key bindings
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 08:42:20 +1000

I have a particular key binding pair that I want.

* First: the screen man page says:

 Here are some examples of keyboard bindings:

               bindkey -d
       Show  all of the default key bindings. The application mode
entries are marked with [A].

I don't undestand the above - if "bindkey -d" is an example keybinding,
then what key would I press to "Show all of the default key bindings".
Or is there some place I can type "bindkey -d" to get this list? It
sounds like a useful list - I'd like to know this.

* Next:
        bindkey -k k1 select 1
       Make the "F1" key switch to window one.
        bindkey -k F1 command
       Make the F11 (not F1!) key an alternative screen escape (besides

This seems arbitrary. To have a code "k?" for fn keys 1 to 10, and F?
being 11 and 12 - like, why?! I hope there is some higher principle than
that of consistency at work here. If not, may I recommend, In My High
Opinion, to support a consistent convention for key naming in the next
major version of screen.

* Finally:
Is it possible to do something like:

  bindkey -d -k ^PgUp previous
  bindkey -d -k ^PgDn next

You see I want to have the page up and page down keys do the same as in
gnome-terminal (yes, I'm a switcher - gnome terminal's reliance on slow
font rendering library is yet to be fixed, and drove me crazy, and to
screen). Ie. CTRL+PageUP should go to previous "terminal"/window/screen.


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