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Screen windows locking

From: Suso Banderas
Subject: Screen windows locking
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:11:11 +0000
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  I can't remember whether I asked this on this list before, but I can't
find it so here we go.

  For the past couple years of using screen, I've had this problem with
individual screen window (1 out of about 5 or 6) just locking up on me.
I thought for a while that I might just be hitting Ctrl-s by accident
and messing it up.  But Ctrl-q doesn't bring me out of the lock and when
I go to other windows, they work fine.  The process that is running in
the locked window usually shows as running until I kill off that window
using Ctrl-a K, then it becomes a zombie process.   Many times, when I
kill off the one window that is locked, the next window that it defaults
too immediately becomes locked.

  Usually the window that locks up is running mutt, but sometimes its
running vim or just bash.  This has happened on many versions of RedHat
as well as Gentoo and most combinations of using the two.  Many recent
versions of screen from 3.09.09 to 4.00.02

  So I'm wondering, do this happen to anyone else?  Could something that
I'm typing or viewing be causing this?  Do I need to use a different
TERM setting (have tried screen-w, xterm and xterm-color)?  Any ideas?

Suso Banderas
Linux makes me hungry. -- Marina

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