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Re: Screen windows locking

From: Suso Banderas
Subject: Re: Screen windows locking
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:25:52 +0000
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On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 05:23:04PM GMT
> * Suso Banderas <address@hidden> [2004-10-18 16:11 +0000]:
> >   For the past couple years of using screen, I've had this problem with
> > individual screen window (1 out of about 5 or 6) just locking up on me.
> Are you using multi-attach?
> I've run into this problem before when one of my multi-attached displays
> stops accepting output.  (In my case, it's usually from an ssh session
> that died without notifying one of the endpoints.  The OS keeps trying to
> send data, and eventually the buffer fills up and further writes block.)
> I usually have to wait until the ssh session times out and screen is
> firmly told that nor more data will be accepted to that display.
> I recently found screen's 'nonblock' command.  It looks like turning this
> on will help me out.

  Well, it seems that I'm still having this problem.  Even after turning
on nonblock and restarting all my screen sessions.  After starting it up
again, I realized that I'm doing something that might be the cause.  I'm
using Ctrl-L to log myself out of each screen window.  I do this because
it's a busy server that I'm using it on and don't want to clutter the
'w' output, etc.   Does anyone think that this might cause the "locking
screen" problem that I'm having and if so, why?

Suso Banderas
Next time someone cuts you off, just wave at them.  Let them know that
you are a person too. -sb

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