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(no subject)

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 12:01:15 -0700


I am having difficulty with displaying Linedraw characters when using 
screen-4.0.2. On a new version of Redhat ES.  My application uses termcap. (It 
ships with a version of it)
Using a slightly modified version of the VT220 termcap entry,  the linedraw 
characters work fine without screen but revert to *--* characters when run from 
within screen.  The application uses GS,GE,G1..G9 ect entries in termcap to do 
it's line drawing, which appear to be depreciated from the termcap, although I 
have tried adding them in to both the vt220 and the screen entries to the 
termcap file to no avail.  

Also, When in the application, screen renders a visable bell, even though I 
disabled in in the .screenrc file.  It is disabled at the shell prompt.

Any ideas?
 - Sean Laurence
   Pacific Rim Software

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