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Re: screen-256color terminfo entry?

From: cga2000
Subject: Re: screen-256color terminfo entry?
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 20:19:19 -0400
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On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 01:37:00PM EDT, Stephane Chazelas wrote:
> > Have you experienced anything like this?
> [...]
> No.
> What is your pager?


Sorry, but I am totally ignorant of both man, groff, etc. and terminfo.

> So, it may be your pager that behaves differently in one case
> and the other, but I can't think why. I can see no problem with
> either of more, less, most, pg or w3m here.

Yes, it's definitely "less" that's having problems formatting the man
output. I tried with w3m and most of the formatting problems went away.

I also tried with most and the problem was different: control characters 
were displayed "asis" rather than being interpreted.

Now one thing that I had not mentioned earlier is that apart from the
256-color business, I had also enabled UTF-8 by doing two things:

1. changing my locale to en_US.UTF-8
2. running "xterm -u8"

I was not sure whether this might have had any undesirable effects where
"less" is concerned but since I was having problems with applications
that do not support UTF-8 such as elinks and slrn, I have now switched
my locale back to en_US and I am back to running a non-UTF-8 xterm.  

As far as the "less" pager is concerned this does not seem to make any
difference. On the other hand man pages are now correctly formated by
"most". And I get some nice color highlighting as a bonus.

So my options would appear to be:

1. Stick with your terminfo entry and switch my man pager to "most"
2. Use "less" & switch to xterm256-color when I run the man command

> Also what is the value of $TERM before you start screen? It is
> important that it is xterm-256color so that screen knows the terminal
> capabilities.

It's definitely TERM=xterm-256color. 



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