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Re: format windowlist view with color.

From: Bruce Edge
Subject: Re: format windowlist view with color.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 10:55:42 -0700

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Micah Cowan <address@hidden> wrote:
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Bruce Edge wrote:
> I have a lot of stuff in my screen sessions. 30+ terminal sessions on a
> dozen or more machines.
> I've tries a lot of things to make it more readable at a glance, but it
> keeps coming back to wanting color to highlight sections of it.
> Does anyone know how to add color escape sequences to the windowlist view?
> I have RTFM'd and experimented a lot, but it just prints whatever escape
> seq I put in it.

"Put in it"? How have you put anything in the windowlist view? The
windowlist is not modifiable, to my knowledge.

OK, bad terminology. I'm setting the window's title.

So, to rephrase, are there any color escape sequences that can be used in the window title?
This would then show the same color for the title in the window list.

I wanted to change the color of the title for any windows that were running a command, ie: not at a shell prompt. This would make it easier to pick out what windows had running commands. Currently I change the window title to to  ">> command <<" to make them stand out a bit when they are running something. (using zsh preexec)

Another would be to change the title color then the last shell command returned a non-zero status. This would be like an alert for when a command failed.

Also, all my build/edit windows for a particular source branch would have the same color, etc...


A common technique is to use the hardstatus to keep track of windows
(see the bottom of the "String Escapes" section for a handy example of
this). Not sure if that'll help a ton with 30+ terminal sessions...

Yeah, too much data. The window list is what I use as it can show more stuff.

You may find the "group" functionality of the current development
sources to be handy; you can create a group window with

 C-a : screen -t my-group //group

and then any windows you create from the group window, or from a window
that's part of the group, will be a part of that group. When in a window
that's part of a group, only other windows of that group will show up in
the windowlist or hardstatus %w/%W escapes (you can get a full list by
giving windowlist the -m option).

You can also change the group a window is in with

 C-a : group my-group

The feature's currently got some glitches (Killing a group window seems
to freeze screen for me, but only sometimes). But it can be a useful
organization tool.

That sounds very cool. I have to try that.

What would also be nice is if you could re-order the window list. ie: move entries around so that you could group related shells together.


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