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Re: NULL context in mlfi_close

From: Gregory Szeszko
Subject: Re: NULL context in mlfi_close
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 22:51:11 -0500
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I couldn't really see any errors.  But at least now it is runnig.  Thanks for your help.

FYI, while processing every message I get a message similar to the one below:

Apr 22 21:00:05 iserve2 spamass-milter[16703]: Could not extract score from <No, score=1.7 required=5.0 tests=NO_REAL_NAME,     RCVD_NUMERIC_HELO autolearn=no version=3.0.2>

But even though it seems to complain that it could not extract the score, it still adds the spam headers when needed.  This message doesn't seem to affect the behavior.


Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Apr 22), address@hidden said:
If this problem is a sendmail bug, then I don't understand how clamav
gets around it.  It seems to be oblivious to any other milter and is
able to process messages just fine.

Well, the NULL context message indicates a sendmail bug, but it's not
fatal.  The second message means that there apparently wasn't an
X-Spam-Status header in the text returned by spamassassin.  I though
you were concerned about the first line, so I ignored the second. 

I only installed spamass-milter yesterday after having no luck
whatsoever in getting spamassassin to run as a milter.  No
spamassassin documentation talks about a need for spamass-milter. 
Could sendmail talk to spamassassin directly over the socket?

Nope; that's what the milter's for.

It appears to me that the way this works is that sendmail sends data
to spamas- milter over a socket.  Spmass-milter then talks to spamd
as it were a spamassassin client, spamc.  If spamass-milter is needed
and if that's how the exchange takes place, should there not be two
different sockets involved here: one from sendmail to spamass-milter
and then another one between spamass-milter and spamd.  In my
configuration, spamassassin is called with these options:

-L -D -d -m5 -uspamd --socketpath=/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock

and spamass-milter is called with these:

EXTRA_FLAGS="-m -r 15 -u spamd -- -U/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock"

Yes, with that config both sendmail and spamd will be using the same
socket and there will be trouble.  You can probably just remove the
--socketpath and -U flags, since both spamc and spamd default to
communicating over internet sockets at localhost:783.  If you want to
use unix sockets, point them to something like /var/run/spamd.sock.


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