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[PATCH 1/3] spd-conf revised to reflect the current state

From: Andrei Kholodnyi
Subject: [PATCH 1/3] spd-conf revised to reflect the current state
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 14:01:35 +0200

> ,,I'll take this'' before we start actually working on the review.

IMO, everyone is welcome to review.
And everyone can do it at any point of time, even after a change is committed.
One person is responsible for the git commit, making sure before that
no more inputs are expected,
e.g. by setting a deadline for inputs /it could be an implicit one,
e.g. 1-2 days or so./

> As you know, Brailcom is working on the new website,
> which will also have a bug tracking system. Then it
> will be much easier to coordinate.

This is good, would it be possible to track with it missing features as well?
BTW are you using something for the automated builds? e.g. continuum or Hudson?

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