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speechd-el overriding command presentation

From: Peter Vágner
Subject: speechd-el overriding command presentation
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 21:18:55 +0100


Thank you verry much, this is really proper control. After setting it 
the way you have suggested full lines are presented instead of current 
word or white space at the place where there is a graphical icon displayed.

If there is more room for additional tweaking I would like to know that 
as well. If it's doable I would rather like to get full paragraphs or at 
least sentences on movement when in twittering-mode buffers.

Is there a way?

Thanks and greetings


On 10.11.2016 at 20:48 Milan Zamazal wrote:
>>>>>> "PV" == Peter V?gner <pvdeejay at gmail.com> writes:
>      PV> If possible I would like to get some hints on customizing
>      PV> speechd-el reading.  I understand that in plain text buffers
>      PV> with no formatting speechd-el reads current line or the
>      PV> appropriate unit according to the cursor movement.
> Basically yes.
>      PV> In other places perhaps within dired file list speechd-el just
>      PV> reads the name of a file.  I assume because the file name is
>      PV> formatted differently than other file attributes displayed for
>      PV> each file.
> Right.
>      PV> Recently I have installed twittering-mode, connected to twitter
>      PV> and noticed it has nice navigation shortcuts implemented for
>      PV> navigating within twittering-mode buffers. Analogous to the
>      PV> twitter website pressing letters j and k move to previous / next
>      PV> status. Movement is working as expected however speechd-el is
>      PV> only reading a word where the cursor has moved. If it's indeed
>      PV> doable I would like to change it so the whole status would be
>      PV> read.
> I'd try setting speechd-speak-by-properties-on-movement to nil for that
> mode.  E.g. if that mode provides twittering-mode-hook then something
> like
>    (add-hook 'twittering-mode-hook
>              (lambda () (set (make-local-variable 
> 'speechd-speak-by-properties-on-movement) nil)))
> should make speechd-el to ignore text properties when speaking the
> context.
> Regards,
> Milan

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