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speechd-el overriding command presentation

From: Peter Vágner
Subject: speechd-el overriding command presentation
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2016 21:45:29 +0100


Recently I was able to devote a bit more time to gradually trying to 
learn emacs, speechd-el and other dependent packages.

If possible I would like to get some hints on customizing speechd-el 
I understand that in plain text buffers with no formatting speechd-el 
reads current line or the appropriate unit according to the cursor movement.
In other places perhaps within dired file list speechd-el just reads the 
name of a file.
I assume because the file name is formatted differently than other file 
attributes displayed for each file.
I have also found by reading the docs there is a function
we can use to override the reading when a particular command is executed.
Recently I have installed twittering-mode, connected to twitter and 
noticed it has nice navigation shortcuts implemented for navigating 
within twittering-mode buffers. Analogous to the twitter website 
pressing letters j and k move to previous / next status. Movement is 
working as expected however speechd-el is only reading a word where the 
cursor has moved. If it's indeed doable I would like to change it so the 
whole status would be read.
Do I have to resort to looking at the twittering-mode source code to 
find out how it's moving by statuses, or is there some other possible 
approach where I can inspect the buffer content, try to understand text 
characteristics and write an appropriate function?
This is not going to be a killer feature because reading by sentence by 
pressing M-e or M-a within twittering-mode is also usefull however I 
would mainly like to know if something like this can be done and what 
would be a proper way on doing this.

Thanks for the hints



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