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[Speechd] speechd-el - what am I doing wrong

From: Tim Cross
Subject: [Speechd] speechd-el - what am I doing wrong
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2019 17:52:27 +1000
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Hi All,
X-TUID: Hg9xh3JRwy8j

trying to get speechd-el working and having a couple of
problems. Wondering what it is I'm doing wrong.

I want to add some feedback to mu4e. I have put the following in my init

  (add-hook 'speechd-speak-hook
    (lambda ()
      (speechd-speak-command-feedback mu4e-headers-next after 
      (speechd-speak-command-feedback mu4e-headers-prev after 
     (speechd-set-rate 70)))


The two mu4e functions are the ones called when you hit 'n' or 'p' to
move to the next/previous message in the message summary view. Without
them, hitting n or p does not generate any speech. My hope was that by
defining the above, hitting n or move to the next summary line and speak
the line. Unfortunately, I get no output.

If I use C-n or C-p to move to the next/previous line, I do get speech
output. Looking at the definitions in the sources,
Tim Cross

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