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Gsoc: Advice and guidance for CLisp project

From: shashank
Subject: Gsoc: Advice and guidance for CLisp project
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 19:54:01 +0530


I am Shashank Srivastav, pursuing 3rd year undergraduate in Computer Science from India.
I have been studying Common Lisp lately and I use CLisp everyday to execute my programs. I am reading 2 books : "ANSI Common Lisp" by Paul Graham (great guy) and "Land Of Lisp". I am fascinated after finding out that GNU CLisp is a participating project in gsoc and I would love to work on extending CLisp during this summer.

I have a good knowledge of python and C. I know how to use gcc and gdb.
I am quite inexperienced except for a brief overview about threads, Posix threads. But I am reading about Hash tables and multi-threading this semester in my college.

I love open source though I haven't contributed to any open source project yet but I hope I will get a chance to associate with GNU via gsoc this year and will keep contributing forever even after gsoc is completed.

I have started reading the Implementation notes for GNU CLisp closely. And I went through the pdf on Lock free hash tables referenced on the project page. Please guide me as to how I shall proceed in order to research more about the project and understand it better.

I am learning Lisp and I can't pay a better tribute to Lisp by contributing to Clisp and would love and I am more than willing to do the necessary background work as it sounds fun :)


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