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Re: [Tlf-devel] New bug fix release of tlf

From: w9ya
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] New bug fix release of tlf
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 19:06:37 -0500 (EST)

Hey Rein and the gang;

> After a compile run (yes, I had to install automake and build-essential)
> the stuff is  now properly put into /usr/local/share/tlf and
> /usr/local/bin, which is where it belongs.

For packaging we package maintainers, debian, archlinux and every other
distro I can think of MUST relocated the stuff to some thing else other
than /usr/local/.. as using it is against the FHS (File Hierarchy
Standards) and other such standards.

ONLY the local use may install to that directory, packages may NOT do so.

All of that is o.k. as we are using scripts to handle that, in fact the
DESTDIR I mentioned is the preferred way, and the directives ARE in your
makefiles, but they are NOT being used correctly, which I am guessing is
some more hard coding. No matter as the "other way" of accomplishing this
DOES work, work well, and things are fine with it. <- In other words I was
wondering if you intended to have the DESTDIR directives working, and
thank you VERY MUCH for your answer below, which is that you are not
intending them to work except for a local user install.

Again.... this is not a problem at the current time. Mainly because the
fall back (other way) of '$prefix= ' used at both the configure AND the
make install invocation works nicely at this time and through all the
previous version of tlf since I can remember packaging it.

Or put another way - please do not change a thing. All is fine and
sometimes changes break other things, so I am MOST happy with nothing
changing at this time. (Joop's patches solved the immediate problems
nicely with the packaging issues related to configure/compile/and
packaging the resulting files.)

> During run time the philosophy is to create a separate working directory
> per contest  and start tlf from there. I personally use a tree like:
> ~/tlf
> ~/tlf/qso
> ~/tlf/dxp_TS7N
> ~/tlf/dxp_ED8A
> ~/tlf/cqww2006
> ~/tlf/cqww2007
> ~/tlf/cqwpx2007
> etc...
> and start tlf inside the relevant directory.
> There is a logcfg.dat in each of these directories to make sure tlf is
> configured for the relevant contest.

And..... thank you ALSO very much for the info immediately above on your
intended use of a working directory during runtime.

I guess I will be using a wrapper script to handle this. That is fb as
long as I knew your intentions. <- And again, please do NOT change
anything, as this can be worked around.

> Hope this helps,
> Rein

Yes, and VERY much so. I appreciate the candor and speed of your answers.
If only other software authors were as concerned about the problems and
issues we package maintainers have to deal with. I sincerely appreciate
your time. Thank you.

Vy 73;


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>> Betreff: Re: [Tlf-devel] New bug fix release of tlf
>> >>
>> >> 3 - I can fix this with a wrapper script but all of the working
>> files are being dumped into ./ instead of a ~/tlf or ~/.tlf, which
>> is o.k., but is this a "new feature" or is this unintended ?
>> >>
>> >
>> >
>> > Forgot to tell, you need to run autoconf after changing
>> >
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Joop
>> Well, yes the aclocal is required AND automake as well, i.e. the code
>> will not configure or compile without using these tools.
>> Item three is a *runtime* situation. Um, I also checked and it appears
>> to do this with the last version as well. Further notes on this:
>> .paras, tlfmarkers, and a cqww.log file are being dumped into whatever
>> is the 'working directory' during a "test run" of '/usr/bin/tlf' .
>> SO.... I guess a wrapper script is in order IF there is not going to
>> be a ~/.tlf/ or ~/tlf/ for such things.
>> Vy 73;
>> Bob
>> w9ya
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