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Re: tramp (2.0.39); backup file naming error (%backup% resulted)

From: Peter Woo
Subject: Re: tramp (2.0.39); backup file naming error (%backup% resulted)
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 00:21:53 +0800
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Thanks to Kai's explanation, have 'discovered' the mystic ":" file stream on XP. Have now used the 'managed' mount option of Cygwin to my backup directories for accepting filenames with ":" embedded.

However, while it works fine for tramp's ftp option, for ssh, it fails when saving. The 'Not a tramp file' error still appears.

Initially, I thought it was the "!" which causes the problem this time but when using the code below to translate "!" to "#", it still failed. Actually, perhaps it's not a valid guess because with 'ftp' option, the full filename does get saved to the backup dir. The error msg:

Not a tramp file name: /home/woop/.emacs.d/autoback/!ssh:address@hidden:!home!!admin!test~

Many thanks,

Michael Albinus wrote:

As workaround you can try this one (together with setting

(defadvice make-backup-file-name
 (after tramp-advice-make-backup-file-name activate)
 "Converting \":\" for Tramp file names."
 (subst-char-in-string ?: ?! ad-return-value 'inplace))

Best regards, Michael.

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