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Re: Curious permission problem

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Curious permission problem
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 11:15:22 +0100
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Ole Laursen <address@hidden> writes:

>> Maybe we shall add an option to Tramp, that all group and world
>> permissions are nuked when copying. So you can decide how to do it.
> I personally think it would be good idea to use 600 by default for
> security reasons. Can't you keep track of the permissions manually if
> you want to be able to deliver them on the remote end with the same
> permissions as before? Or am I missing something?

The permission setting is not triggered by Tramp, when it copies the
local temporary file. It comes from `basic-save-buffer-2', which calls
`set-file-modes' with the original file permissions (and then Tramp is
called, again).

Tramp's behaviour is consistent with the local file case. Assumed, you
have a local file with "---xrwxr--" permissions, owned by root. You can
open it, but when you try to save modifications, you get a similar error
by Emacs.

So I believe we cannot (and we don't want) to change this behaviour in

> [...]
> Just tested that, didn't work for me. I get an empty buffer. But I
> might need a newer version of Tramp too, I guess.

You could try to take Tramp 2.1.18-pre from the repository. Otherwise
you might wait until Emacs 23.1.93 or 23.2 is out. Tramp 2.1.18 will be
released shortly after Emacs 23.2.

> Ole

Best regards, Michael.

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