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Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia

From: D. Barbier
Subject: Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 12:11:58 +0100

On 2013/1/4 Ineiev wrote:
> On 01/04/2013 09:41 AM, D. Barbier wrote:
>> I guess that having compendia under
>>   server/gnun/compendia/
>> in our team's repository makes sense; at the moment, these files are
>> located at the root directory, but this is not very logical.
>> Maybe it would be easier to move compendia under
>> server/gnun/compendia/po/ in www.
> I don't think moving to .../po/ would matter; most probably, compendia
> should be processed differently anyway.

Okay, I did not know how compendium files were generated, and looked
at GNumakefile.
I see your point now, but I am worried that does not
handle compendium.XX.po like GNUmakefile does.  This means that I
cannot update directly from our www-fr repository
when compendium.pot is modified, it has to be copied from www first.

The recent discussion about unfuzzying let me wonder whether 'make
sync' should take input PO files from www instead of www-fr.

>> compendium.XX.po can be handled like any other PO file
>> (sync/publish/report), since there is a POT file.
> I'm not sure. compendium.$lang.po were intended to be automatically
> maintained files; GNUN collects the translations for the most `popular'
> strings and reuses them with `fuzzy' mark when they are absent in
> master.$lang.po and the article.$lang.po. IIRC I put them to CVS
> for two reasons: first, they may be used as a stub for master.$lang.po;
> second, the translators may want them in order to do very fine tuning.
> So, the translators generally shouldn't care of untranslated messages
> in their compendium.$lang.po; it means that there are `popular' messages
> that appear in no $lang translations yet. when a translator adds
> a translation with a new (for that team) `popular' message, it
> will be automatically added to compendium.$lang.po.

I see, you are surely right, I should not bother updating since it is very unlikely that untranslated messages
appear in this file.  But the problem of syncing this file into our
www-fr repository still remains.


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