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Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia

From: D. Barbier
Subject: Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 21:25:41 +0100

On 2013/1/4 Ineiev wrote:
> On 01/04/2013 11:11 AM, D. Barbier wrote:
>> Okay, I did not know how compendium files were generated, and looked
>> at GNumakefile.
>> I see your point now, but I am worried that does not
>> handle compendium.XX.po like GNUmakefile does.  This means that I
>> cannot update directly from our www-fr repository
>> when compendium.pot is modified, it has to be copied from www first.
> It seems to me that compendium.XX.po (when present) should be handled
> like regular POs, but the reports should ignore fuzzy and absent
> translations. WDYT?

Frankly I have no idea.  Maybe it would be better to write something like:
  compendium.XX.po: file skipped

>> The recent discussion about unfuzzying let me wonder whether 'make
>> sync' should take input PO files from www instead of www-fr.
> I think more details are needed here.
> It currently takes three input files, $article.pot
> and $article.$lang.po from www, and $article.$lang.po from team's
> repository, and merges them in team's working copy; the translations
> are expected to be merged this way:
> * all current translations in team's repository remain untouched;
> * when the translation from www is complete while team's translation
>   is fuzzy or absent, the complete translation propagates to team's
>   working copy;
> * new messages are added from the POT; obsolete are commented out,
>   and so on.
> * when the translations in www and www-$lang are both current and
>   different, an inconsistency is reported (in the `report' target).

Okay, but sometimes files are rightfully modified in www (for instance
a validation fix has been committed into www by a webmaster) and
changes must be copied into team's repository.  'make report' is smart
and tell us that this file is in an inconsistent state, but it must be
copied manually.
A similar issue we are facing just now is when master.XX.po modifies
PO files in www; those PO files must be copied into our team's
repository, but there is no trivial way to do so.

>> I see, you are surely right, I should not bother updating
>> since it is very unlikely that untranslated messages
>> appear in this file.  But the problem of syncing this file into our
>> www-fr repository still remains.
> Can removing it from www-fr be a solution? is it essentially needed there?

Yes, we will remove it, but IMHO this will not solve everything, other
PO files will have from time to time to be copied from www into our
team's repository.


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