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Re: [XForms] fl_set_font_name() and segmentation fault error

From: Max
Subject: Re: [XForms] fl_set_font_name() and segmentation fault error
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 08:33:07 +0100
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Hi Jens,

small addition to what I wrote this night: the even more reduced code attached 
to this email produces a segmentation fault error (or a BadFont X error if run 
within valgrind) only if the second call to fl_set_font_name() is included 
(line 27).

I have compared valgrind logs with one and two calls to this functions, 
results are attached. As you can see, the second call to fl_set_font_name() 
will trigger a bounce of errors related to invalid access memory and/or free() 

I am not an X-expert, but it seems to me that X (or Xforms?) frees some 
locations after that the first call to fl_set_font_name() is performed...

Best regards,

On Sunday 25 October 2009, Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
>  Hi Max,
>      any new findings on your side? I unfortunately can't do
>  much without a bit more of information - as I wrote the test
>  program you sent works for me without any of the problems you
>  encountered (segmentation fault and/or X error) so I've got
>  nothing I could really use for debugging. I don't even know
>  what you did do to get an X error instead of a segmentation
>  fault (if you did), so I've no idea where to even start. Or
>  is the problem already solved? In that case it might be use-
>  ful for others if you would give a short description of what
>  you found out.
>                             Best regards, Jens

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