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Re: [XForms] EXTERNAL: Any test results for new pre-release?

From: Turnage, Justin
Subject: Re: [XForms] EXTERNAL: Any test results for new pre-release?
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:53:07 +0000

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 09:49:54PM +0000, Turnage, Justin wrote:
>> I'll have to condense it down and see if I can duplicate it on a 
>> smaller standalone program. The data I'm plotting is from several 
>> hardware sources that are outputted real-time to the xyplot object.

> That would be really great! Sorry to add to your workload, but these memory 
> errors are a PITA to debug without anything that really gives you an idea 
> where to start:-(


I worked on getting the standalone program put together but could not reproduce 
the memory problem.  I then started to look into my code to see what might have 
triggered the error.  I then added the -Wall parameter on the compiler options 
and recompiled my code and for some reason more warnings appeared on this 
version of xforms then I had on the old version I was using.  I fixed the 
warnings and it fixed the problem so there is no issue now.  It just threw me 
off because it was seg faulting only when I was clearing the xyplot.

A couple of questions on other topics though:

I noticed in this version we are unable to put the label inside of the slider 
now.  (Even though it still works in fdesign, but it does not save it that way, 
nor does it output the templates for the UI that way.)  I would like to put 
this back in at least in my version because I use the sliders like progress 
bars in windows and I don't like the way val sliders work or look in the form.  
 Any plans on putting that back?

Also I have been able to use Xforms as a user GUI system with Open Scene Graph 
using the glcanvas object.  Which works great, but I noticed the refresh rate 
on the screen/scene happens more often if I move my mouse on the glcanvas 
object.  I am using the idle callback function, a timer callback updating at 5 
ms, and a mouse callback function to update the glcanvas object at present but 
I wondered if there were other callbacks that I should be using instead.  Any 



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