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[XForms] Bug?

From: jon
Subject: [XForms] Bug?
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 23:17:00 +0000

Me again - sorry !

I am trying to make a viewer for my CCTV system.  It works for about an hour 
then stops.  

I am using a bunch of canvas objects. A timer is doing work like this.
Each call to the timer the contents of the jpeg has been changed. Am I
missing a step maybe ?

if (image)
        flimage_display( image, FL_ObjWin( fd_hc_legacycams->camview1 ) );

After 15 mins or more I get this error for every image update.
In OpenImage() [image.c:250]: /tmp/cam1m.jpg: Unknown image format

The image on disk is valid and opens with an external viewer, I suspect
the file table is full.

The problem seems to be a missing close, maybe ?

I have been poking around inside image.c, but cant see the problem yet.


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