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[XForms] Need your assistance for bug fixes (->git)

From: Werner Heisch
Subject: [XForms] Need your assistance for bug fixes (->git)
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2016 01:06:51 +0100

Hi all,

I need <our help, concerning xforms and Git.

I'm from Germany, the land of the Umlauts with clients in France 
(acent egu, grave, etc ) therefore  I'm using the UTF-8 Versions since
some time.

During the last time, Jens only has had the time to work at the
main branch 1.2.* , the 1.3.* (UTF-8  branch ) is quite outdated.

For preventing of beeing at the dead end, I have tried to bring the
both branches nearer together.
This meens: 
- as much source files as possible should be identically in both
  ( the most files are equal now )

- each branch should be able to read the fd-files of the other branch.
  ( works, not regarding the non-ascii.chars )

In addition, there are some bug fixes, i.e. free object, fixing a bug
in fdesign ( segm.fault), etc.

The bug fixes reported by others ( i.e. Sirius) also are included.

I have also made some extentions of existing objects: 
Don't worry, I did not break backward compatibility, no behaviour has
changed, I've only added something.

- spinner in a different design with the arrows left and right resp.
  below and above.
- input: added an "inout" mode, often used by SCADA systems. 
  (both, plc and user may write)

Not finished yet:
input field format with a time. I think, "%H:%M:%S.ms" will be

I think until the end of the year, my work will be finished.
On xforms developement, Git is used.

As a stupid and normally alone working plc programer, I have no glue
about Git.
All the changes I've made, are only made in the source files .. and
I've changed alot. 

Can anyone, who is familiar with Git, produce the git files ? 
I am afraid, I would make too much nonsense.

If yes, please answer here or send me a line.


You know, I am afraid to force you to do something for which you do not
have the time.
Be free, to flag here : 


Do you agree, that we name the resulting versions 
1.2.5.pre2   and  1.3.17  ?




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