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[AUCTeX] font-latex-built-in-keyword-classes - minor errors and omission

From: Rasmus Villemoes
Subject: [AUCTeX] font-latex-built-in-keyword-classes - minor errors and omissions
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 23:53:47 -0400
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I believe there are a few minor errors in
font-latex-built-in-keyword-classes (font-latex.el). I use version
11.85, but I've just checked 11.86, and it seems to contain the same


("documentclass" "[{")
("usepackage" "[{")

These both take an optional trailing argument.

("renewenvironment" "*{[{{")

Should be the same as newenvironment, i.e., two optional arguments.

("sbox" "{")

\sbox "officially" takes two arguments, but it may be on purpose that
only the first is fontified as such.

("newcounter" "{[") is in the "function" section, but probably belongs
logically to the "variable" section (where setcounter and addtocounter
already live).

"include" is listed under "warning" and under "reference" (in the
latter as taking "{"); while "input" and "includeonly" are
"function"s, both taking a mandatory argument. Is there a reason
\include is fontified as a warning (while also being treated as a
"reference" command), and not simply treated the same as \input and


Is there a good reason why \providecommand is not included by default?
Actually, there are a number of macros which I believe belong to the
built-in list:


"makeatletter" "makeatother"
(when a user needs these in order to apply some patch or tweak, I
think it makes sense fontify these as warnings)


("stepcounter" "{")
("refstepcounter" "{")
("arabic" "{") [also roman, Roman, alph, Alph, fnsymbol]
("settoheight" "{{") ("settodepth" "{{") [settowidth is included]


("parbox" "[[[{{")
("rule" "[{{")
("raisebox" "{[[{")
("providecommand" "*|{\\[[{")

When editing (or just viewing) .cls and .sty files, it would also be
nice if these (and perhaps some of the often-used @-macros) were recognized. 

("LoadClass" "[{[")
("RequirePackage" "[{[")
("ProvidesClass" "{[")
("ProvidesPackage" "{[")
("ProvidesFile" "{[")
("PassOptionsToPackage" "{{")
("PassOptionsToClass" "{{")
("LoadClassWithOptions" "{[")
("RequirePackageWithOptions" "{[")

I don't know if a very large list of keywords slows down fontification
too much. If that is the case, I'd like to ask: Is there a hook I can
use to add these keywords automatically when viewing .sty and .cls
files, but not .tex (or .ltx)? 

Rasmus Villemoes

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