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Re: Select and insert multiple bibliography entries into one \cite comma

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: Select and insert multiple bibliography entries into one \cite command with regexp search.
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 18:40:07 +0200
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Hongyi Zhao <> writes:

> On Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 6:03 PM Arash Esbati <> wrote:
>> Replace
>> \bibliography{\string~/Documents/bibliograph/better-bibtex/references-bibtex}
>> with
>> \bibliography{/home/werner/Documents/bibliograph/better-bibtex/references-bibtex.bib}
>> in your .tex file and see if RefTeX finds your .bib file.
> No. I tried with the above revision, but the same problem still
> occurs.

For me, it works with a simple file like this on my Windows box:




    (insert "\n"
            (format "%S" (symbol-value reftex-docstruct-symbol)))

    %%% Local Variables:
    %%% mode: latex
    %%% TeX-master: t
    %%% End:

When I eval the form in the verbatim env, there is an entry like this:

    (bib "z:/path/to/test-bib-file.bib")

inserted in the buffer, hence RefTeX finds the file which is in a
different directory than the .tex file.

> BTW, I also configured the helm-bibtex as follows: [...]  And
> helm-bibtex can works well with the `\string~' variable expansion.

I don't use helm, so I can't tell.

>> Based on your use case, check RefTeX's possibilities to find files[1]
>> and try one of them.
> I checked the relevant settings method, but if the absolute path to
> the bib file is used, there should be needless to set anything told in
> the above documentation.

Since the absolute path version doesn't work, you could try something
else provided by RefTeX.  Otherwise you have to find the culprit in your
setup.  I don't think this is a RefTeX issue.

Best, Arash

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