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Re: Inserting beamer frames

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Re: Inserting beamer frames
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 18:03:41 +0100


> > But when I try to write a function to use in LaTeX-after-insert-env-hook, I
> > stumble. [...]
> > I'm probably making some elementary mistake...
> No, it was me.  I had a brief look at beamer.el as I made that
> suggestion.  Looking closer, beamer.el defines:
> '("frame"  (lambda (env &rest ignore)
>              (let ((title (TeX-read-string "(Optional) Title: " nil
>                                            'LaTeX-beamer-frametitle-history)))
>                (LaTeX-insert-environment env)
>                (unless (zerop (length title))
>                  (save-excursion
>                    (LaTeX-find-matching-begin)
>                    (end-of-line)
>                    (LaTeX-newline)
>                    ;; Indent the next macro insertion and don't
>                    ;; rely on the fill-function to do it:
>                    (indent-according-to-mode)
>                    (insert (format "\\frametitle{%s}" title))
>                    ;; This works because \frametitle is a
>                    ;; paragraph command.
>                    (when auto-fill-function
>                      (backward-char)
>                      (LaTeX-fill-paragraph)))))))
> `LaTeX-after-insert-env-hook' is called at the end of
> `LaTeX-insert-environment', \frametitle is inserted afterwards.  Alas,
> any function added to `LaTeX-after-insert-env-hook' doesn't see that
> later insertion and would fail.  Therefore the functions above.

Yes, I suspected something like this was happening.  I ended up adopting
Mandar's suggestion of writing a beamer.el file and placing it in my
TeX-style-private directory (I think that's the one I need).  This has the
advantage that I can format the frame insertion the way I want and don't need to
issue any commands to fix the formatting.

Thanks everyone!

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