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Custom bibliography commands

From: a . soroa
Subject: Custom bibliography commands
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 15:41:58 +0100


I'm writing a document using a stylesheet that defined a new custom way
to create bibliographic references. The stylesheet is in:

A minimal document would be this (you need to uncompress the template
above to compile the document).

#+begin_src LaTeX

% main.tex file
\newcites{languageresource}{Language Resources}
Standard reference: \cite{Martin-90}.
Custom reference: \citelanguageresource{Speecon}


Note the use of the custom command "\citelanguageresource" for
citations, and "\bibliographystylelanguageresource" and
"\bibliographylanguageresource" for the style and bibligraphy entries,

To compile the document from the shell, one has to do the following:

#+begin_src bash

$ pdflatex main.tex
$ bibtex main.aux
$ bibtex languageresource.aux
$ pdflatex main.tex
$ pdflatex main.tex


Bibtex is called twice, one with "main.aux", and a second time with
the "languageresource.aux". I know that I can accomplish the same in
AucTex using C-u C-c C-c, selecting BibTex, and manually adjusting the
command. However, is there a way for AucTeX to do it automatically?

As a bonus, it would be great if I could use reftex commands on the
languageresource.bib bibliography file ("reftex-citation",
"reftex-view-crossref", etc).

Many thanks in advance,


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