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Linking to ImageMagick by default

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Linking to ImageMagick by default
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2018 20:33:04 -0500
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There seems to be a fair number of Emacs crashes that are due to

The next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux will drop ImageMagick
(though I would expect it to be available from an "add-on" repository
like EPEL). In https://lwn.net/Articles/772315/ there is speculation
that this is due to the poor stability and security record of
ImageMagick. (AFAICS from the RHEL8 release notes, it is _not_ replaced
by GraphicsMagick, but rather nothing.)

Is it worth reconsidering whether Emacs should link to ImageMagick by
default? The pros are support for more formats and rescaling, the cons
are crashes.

(I don't have anything substantive to add, and the lwn discussion is
hardly rigorous.)

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