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Re: Elisp LSP Server

From: Theodor Thornhill
Subject: Re: Elisp LSP Server
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 10:23:54 +0200

>> https://github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-gitpod
>> This looks like what you are thinking of, doesn't it?
>Absolutely not, because it takes the whole page (an entire tab), while I 
>mean a single block *inside* an already webpage.  Furthermore: this seems 
>to require javascript (my idea would only be to require a simple bar link, 
>or <embed> element, to any emacs-editable file, to trigger the opening of 
>an emacs X window *inside* a webpage), and worse: the opening, hence 
>execution (though not usage) of VS Code.

Yeah. I wasn't thinking of the implementation per se, more in the likes of 
"press a button on $GITFORGE to start hacking in Emacs" with niceties already 
enabled. I guess that in the name of gathering inspiration this is useful. 
Politics aside, I can see people wanting to use this. 


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