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Carbon: Option-as-Meta Sometimes Inputs Accented Characters

From: David Reitter
Subject: Carbon: Option-as-Meta Sometimes Inputs Accented Characters
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 07:51:28 +0100

On 12 May 2007, at 05:58, Tom Tobin wrote:

I'm using the Aquamacs nightlies (Intel), and have Option set to act
as Meta (no accented characters).  When I use and hold down a meta-key
combo (say, M-v to scroll the page), Aquamacs will often let the
equivalent accented character slip through (e.g., √ for M-v).  So far,
I've only been able to reproduce this behavior if the command in
question involves scrolling; the quickest way to reproduce it is to
scroll up and down quickly in alternation, holding down each
respective key for a few seconds each time.

Can anyone reproduce this? This is a build from the 22 branch, with `mac-option-modifier' set to `meta'.

What I can reproduce is holding down M-n: when input just once, it just brings up an echo area message saying that it's not bound. But when held down (which causes the input to repeat), it'll input the tilde dead key (˜) just like when the option modifier is passed to the system. NB Switching off `mac-input-method-mode' (a patch in Aquamacs) doesn't change anything, and the problem shows up in a (Carbon) build straight from the GNU Emacs CVS as well. But I can't reproduce the M- v problem.

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