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RE: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink

From: Thomas Haselberger
Subject: RE: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:54:32 +0200

> I spoke to soon.  I am able to read files (which is what I was doing
> yesterday), but it appears that I cannot write files -- I think the
> file is actually written, but tramp reports an error
>  Method `plink' should specify both encoding and decoding 
> command or an rcp program

I have seen the same error with my setup: emacs 21.2, cygwin, w2k using the 
method sshx and having specified mimencode as encoding and decoding commands.
seems to me that the last (kill-buffer tmpbuf) returns nil.
The file is written well on the server.
I added a t after the kill-buffer for now :-)


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