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Re: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 16:48:41 +0200
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Douglas Gray Stephens <address@hidden> writes:

> The patch fixed the issue with saving files, thankyou.

One down, 333 to go!  Hm.  So I squashed another bug.

> I still get this error, so have attached the dubug buffer.  I did
> wonder about the debug buffer last time, but as it appeared (to my
> untrained eye) to have nothing on the error, I thought the messages
> may have more.  I did set debug-on-error to be true, and have also
> attached the backtrace buffer in case that shows anything.

The debug buffer contains all the Tramp messages from the *Messages*
buffer...  But in this case, the backtrace did the trick.

>   tramp-file-name-handler(file-newer-than-file-p "d:/temp/address@hidden" 
> "/plink:address@hidden:/home/gray/work/")
>   file-newer-than-file-p("d:address@hidden" 
> "/plink:address@hidden:/home/gray/work/")

Tramp does not support (at the moment) the time stamp comparison
between Tramp files and non-Tramp files.

Maybe you can avoid this by setting backup-by-copying to t?  (Or to
nil if it is t now.)

I wish I had time to augment file-newer-than-file-p for this case :-|

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