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Re: Tramp 2.1.9

From: Pete Forman
Subject: Re: Tramp 2.1.9
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:42:50 +0100

At 2007-04-23 14:46 +0200, Michael Albinus wrote:
Pete Forman <address@hidden> writes:

> plink would not work at first because tramp-default-user-alist makes
> it pick up user-login-name (my Windows username) when I want it to use
> tramp-default-user (my UNIX username).  So I Customized the alist to
> remove the remsh...plink entry.

Both `tramp-default-user-alist' and `tramp-default-user' are
_proposals_ only. There is no good default which your remote user name
could be but your local user name ...

Ah but there is ;-)  I had used tramp-default-user to specify the
remote user name used by most of my accounts.  A single default can
make sense if only one protocol family is used predominantly.  That
being said I agree that tramp-default-user should be deprecated in
favor of tramp-default-user-alist.

In fact Tramp expects that a user specifies his remote user name
either in the file name. Or that the user adds its own default to


`add-to-list' inserts by default at the beginning of the list; your
own settings have priority over Tramp's settings. So there is no need
to nukenize `tramp-default-user-alist'.

It's just that when I come to Customize tramp-default-user-alist I'm
presented with a mismatch and raw lisp for a value.  It is my
understanding that a variable declared with defcustom is a User Option
and should not be modified by the code.  add-to-list is called in
several places. One way to handle that is to have a new ordinary
variable that gets its initial value from tramp-default-user-alist
and then is added to.  No doubt there are more elegant alternatives.

> plinkx is working too.
> Perhaps I should not be using tramp-default-user.  There is a warning
> in its doc about mucking up some config files.

The "plinkx" method does not pass "-u user" to the plink command. So
it shouldn't harm. `tramp-default-user' would be used only if set and
if the corresponding PuTTY session does not specify a user. Given that
"plinkx" is _intended_ to reuse defined PuTTY sessions, I don't see a
big problem.

My second paragraph was talking about plink, not plinkx; we agree.

In fact `tramp-default-user' is kept for backwards compatibility
reasons only.

I see.  Maybe you could tweak its doc to emphasize that.

Pete Forman                -./\.-  Disclaimer: This post is originated
WesternGeco                  -./\.-   by myself and does not represent
address@hidden    -./\.-   the opinion of Schlumberger or           -./\.-   WesternGeco.

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