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Re: Tramp 2.1.9

From: Pete Forman
Subject: Re: Tramp 2.1.9
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 11:58:14 +0100

At 2007-04-19 22:31 +0200, Michael Albinus wrote:
Pete Forman <address@hidden> writes:

> That only works with a Bourne type default shell on the target.
> plink -t -l user host env TERM=dumb /bin/sh
> is more portable, AFAIK.

Committed to CVS. Thanks for testing.

Your plinkx patch was missing a bit.  I think there should be an entry
for tramp-set-completion-function in the second (eval-after-load

I was finding it a bit clunky setting the full pathname for my plink
program.  How about adding some customize user options for
tramp-plink-program, tramp-ssh-program, etc. and setting
tramp-login-program to those in tramp-methods?

Pete Forman                -./\.-  Disclaimer: This post is originated
WesternGeco                  -./\.-   by myself and does not represent
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