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performance on opening file

From: Alex Koval
Subject: performance on opening file
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 20:10:04 +0200

Hello Michael & all:

Tramp is
excellent tool! But I think there is still a plenty we can do to improve
its generic performance.

Exactly, I would like to understand what is going after this tramp

Tramp: Inserting

It sometimes gets blocked in this state for 30 seconds or even minute
or two. Whats going on there? Other things work more/less reasonable
fast. I tried to enable 'full trace' but it gets nothing useful as
all I see is thousands of calls like:

09:18:49.758202 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # copy-program undef
09:18:49.758530 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # login-program undef
09:18:49.758582 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # copy-program undef
09:18:49.758859 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # login-program undef
09:18:49.758911 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # copy-program undef
09:18:49.759180 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # login-program undef

Idea 1: can we duplicate 'markers' from "Mesages" buffer to tramp
debug buffer? Because currently those 2  screens are independent, 
and so it is difficult to relate one event with another.

Tramp is so slow here that my fellow DevOps which don't use Emacs are
actually faster with this sequence: Copy file to buffer, go to remote
host in console, cat > filename, paste from buffer - this way they can
do it in less then 30 seconds, while emacs could be still hanging in
opening/reading or saving the remote file.

- Specifically it hangs on first file open. Next files go faster.
- The connection to remote host is already open, e.g. I am in 'dired'
  in the directory.

Any advice here?

P.S. I've counted again today - first file open was 45 seconds, all
consequent opens of files near - ~6 seconds. File sizes are similar.

WBR, Alex

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