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Re: performance on opening file

From: Alex V. Koval
Subject: Re: performance on opening file
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 11:25:15 +0200

Hi Michael,

Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

> I agree, of course.

> This sounds strange, it shouldn't happen this way.

You were right!

> Pls set tramp-debug to 10 prior accessing the remote machine, and send
> the *whole* trace. Maybe we'll see something. Don't worry if this buffer
> is very long, I'm used to analyze such traces.

When doing this I occassionally fixed  my problem: while reporting it, I
started using  emacs -Q and suddenly  found that problem does  not occur
there.... So, after that it was  simple technical matter of bisecting my
config file  to track down  to exact module which  causes it: and  to my
suprise it was projectile (again!).

Yes,  I  know that  tramp  &  projectile has  a  long  history of  being
incompatible, and  actually I've  been doing  some workarounds  here and
there  to avoid  it: but  after  the latest  fixes bbatsov  made for  me 

After  that, I've  been over-optimistic  and enabled  projectfile global
mode because there were no visual slowdowns or emacs locks.

As I see  now, it was not  complete fix, and while  visually it performs
well (no  generic emacs lockups  as it were  before this fix),  it still
affects the internals.

I've enabled trace and tried it. After waiting for 30 minutes, trace was
still saving and file did not open, so I've interrupted it with C-g, but
I think it has collected enough information for this issue.

Here are traces:

1) With projectile global mode disabled:
2) With projectile global mode enabled:

I've also replaced file content parts with <removed> due to private data

Please have  a quick look when  you have time  on this, and may  be post
some advice  for bbatsov on  how to workaround  this, but since  its not
purely tramp issue and  since I alredy fixed it for  myself, there is no
urgency on this.


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