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Copy-paste of large files from Windows to Linux - base64 issue?

From: Guillaume Demeyère
Subject: Copy-paste of large files from Windows to Linux - base64 issue?
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 08:45:20 +0100

Hi all,

I'm encountering a new issue on transfering files from my Windows 10 machine to a Linux server.

Here's what I do (in file tramp-debug-with-encoding.log) :

1. Launch emacs with :
C:\Users\gde3\Documents\emacs-26.2-x86_64\bin\runemacs -Q -l tramp -l tramp-sh
2. Execute the following:
(setq tramp-verbose 10)
 (copy-file "c:/Users/gde3/Documents/GDE3-Widgets/widget-template-vue/dist/1.bundle.js" "/plink:nxuser@vdemopro892dsy:~/Documents/")

The copy fails with the base64 decoding failing.

I thought this could come from the bzip2 encoding from Windows to Linux. However, I think I eliminated this hypothesis by 1) bzipping, transferring and un-bzipping manually this very file over MobaXterm succesfully and 2) by completely deactivating compression with (setq tramp-inline-compress-start-size nil) and redoing the test. The transfer fails with the same error (file tramp-debug-without-encoding.log).

Do you have any idea what I should do next to try and resolve this issue?

The file 1.bundle.js is a 20MB minimified JS file.



Attachment: tramp-debug-without-encoding.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: tramp-debug-with-encoding.log
Description: Binary data

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