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Re: Tramp never unmounts sshfs volumes

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: Re: Tramp never unmounts sshfs volumes
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 17:21:16 -0700

Michael Albinus <> wrote:

>   I have prepared a patch for this, see appended. Could you pls test?

With your patch:

After 10 seconds, Emacs recovers by re-opening the connection.  I like it.
Most of the time, the recovery is completely smooth.  I have to be fast
(under 10 seconds) to see Emacs get surprised by a closed connection.
This works even if the mount point is shared by two Emacs processes.  Nice.

The call to tramp-flush-file-property added to tramp-fuse-unmount is
missing the KEY argument.  I can reproduce this by running
tramp-cleanup-this-connection, which gives a "Wrong number of arguments"

There is one comment in tramp-fuse-mounted-p that could be clearer:
the sentence 'We use file property "/" in order to apply a timeout, for
regular recheck.'  I think this change is an important point of this
patch, and I want to make sure the design is understood correctly.

How about this wording:

Remember the mount status by using a file property on "/", instead of
using a connection property, because a file property  has a timeout.
Having a timeout lets us regularly recheck the mount status, as
requested by `tramp-fuse-mount-timeout'.

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