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Re: [avr-gcc-list] inline debugging stk200/stk500 and gdb 5.x

From: Theodore Roth
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] inline debugging stk200/stk500 and gdb 5.x
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:17:29 -0600 (MDT)


Avr-mon needs to be updated to use the gdb remote serial protocol. The
protocol is implemented in simulavr in the gdb.c file. I've looked at
bringing avr-mon up-to-date with the current gdb and it looks straight
forward but slightly involved since I didn't do a great job of
separating gdb.c from simulavr internals.

If enough people are loud enough with requests, I will tackle it. ;-) I
will also help anyone who wishes to work on it.

Also of note, the upcoming gdb-5.2.1 release will have avr support without
needing a patch.

Avarice-1.5 needs a patch to work with latest gdb. The patch is on the
simulavr website. Scott Finneran has the patch, but hasn't updated avarice
in a while.

Simulavr-0.1.0 works with latest gdb.

Ted Roth

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Klaus Rudolph wrote:

:) > Hi all,
:) >
:) > we have discussed the missing jtag support from atmel the last days. So I
:) > search
:) > for an alternativ way. I have an older version of avr-mon (0.6) which is
:) > not
:) > usable with actual gdb versions and needs an incompatible patch to work.
:) > (incompatible to simulavr). Also there is no support for rs232 debugging
:) > on
:) > stk500
:) > or? Ok, the 6 pin header for seriall programming might be used, or?
:) >
:) > Is there an idea to bring the avr-mon code into a actual state here?
:) > I´m not able to do that, because I do know nothing about the
:) > gdb low level functionality. So there is no way for gdb patches and such
:) > things.
:) > But it seems to be not such a big problem to make the inline code
:) > workable on an UART or?
:) >
:) > OK, i will have a look in the avr code now. If somebody can help to get
:) > gdb working with it? It should be use the same interface like the simulavr
:) > or?
:) > Help strictly welcome. :-)
:) Hi again,
:) I found an old mail from December 2001 where Thedore Roth have already
:) discussed this item, but thats the last thing i found :-(
:) To modify the sources to use uart is really no problem, this is only
:) patching some lines. This should be optional, so we can use parallel
:) port dongle or rs232. OK, now we need some help in modifieing the
:) sources to work with actual gdb's. The last patch for gdb is included
:) in main tree of gdb now? No longer need to patch or? Can Theadore give
:) some instructions or spend some time :-))))) in doing this project.
:) Sorry, but I really know nothing about underlaying protocols in gdb.
:) Thanks a lot
:)     Klaus

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