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[Axiom-developer] commit policy

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] commit policy
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 10:20:49 -0500


feel free to change anything you like in the branches.
the point of the branches is to allow people to experiment and

there is no guarantee that a branch will even compile.
and since your name is associated with axiom--language--1 i'd
expect people who change it to coordinate with you, if only as
a courtesy.

re: axiom--main--1 branch

i'm using the axiom--main--* branch to merge changes for testing
before porting them to the savannah cvs so i'd prefer to receive
changes as diffs.

Please run the diffs as:

diff -Naur origfile changedfile >dir.dir.dir.origfile.patch

so, if you changed src/interp/foo.pamphlet and saved it as 
src/interp/ you would do:

cd src/interp
diff -Naur foo.pamphlet >

That way I can keep track of what is patched and where. Plus it is easier
to read the diffs to decide what is changed and how well documented the
change is.

Note that the branches are tagged to particular axiom--main builds.
Thus if you send me a patch for src/interp/foo.pamphlet and I merge
it into axiom--main--1 you will NOT see the change appear in, say,
axiom--language--1. That is because axiom--language--1 is tagged to
axiom--main--1--patch-9. Your new change will appear after patch-9.
So if you also want the patch in axiom--language--1 you'll need to
apply it there.


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