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Re: NSPathUtilities Patch - TOC

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: Re: NSPathUtilities Patch - TOC
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:59:08 +0800
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On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:12, David Ayers wrote:
> Sheldon Gill wrote:
> > +ifeq ($(GNUSTEP_TARGET_OS), mingw32)
> > +ADD_HEADERS += \
> > +Win32Support.h \
> > +Win32_Utilities.h
> The only effect of adding these headers to ADD_HEADERS is that they will
> get installed (made public).  Now scanning through the other patches, I
> don't see a header file that depends on this, only NSPathUtilities.m.
> So unless you have a good reason to make them public, I'd strongly
> suggest to not add these to ADD_HEADERS and keep them private.

The reason I did this was to make the headers available to -gui and -back. 
They're supposed to be "private to core" but there currently is no clean way 
to do that as far as I can see.
Adding external definitions to -gui and -back seems a poor way to go and 
replicating the code even worse.
If there is a way to keep them private to core but available outside -base I'm 
more than happy to go with that.

> Hmm, I was hoping the patches would match the ChangeLogs.  But if this
> is the "combined" ChangeLog then Source/GNUmakefile seems to be missing.

Yes this is the "combined" ChangeLog, I'm afraid.  There didn't seem to be 
much point in separating it out:
The Win32 additions are only called by NSPathUtilities.m so patching them in 
separately only tests clean compilation and doesn't exercise the code at all.
The NSUser patch stand alone would break compilation as it removes things to 
pave the way for NSPathUtilties.m
The NSUserDefaults patch is required because the behaviour of 
GSDefaultsRootPath() changes somewhat.
The NSBundle patch depends on GSFindNamedFile() which is in NSPathUtilities.m
and could be considered a separate patch with a clean dependency.


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