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Re: Proposal question.

From: Jay McCarthy
Subject: Re: Proposal question.
Date: 08 May 2002 19:44:45 -0400


My feeling on the matter is as follows...

* The Specific Proposal
        When the original proposal came about I commented about what I liked
and disliked about it both on the list and privately with Tim. The
reason I like this particular proposol is both for ascethetic reasons
(the names of everything and the organization) and it's similiarity to
the Apple Filesystem Hierarchy. Something which is important the next

* A standard, documented filesystem hierarchy similar to Apple's
        For most documentation Apple's documentation can be used as a surrogate
(as has been discussed extensively in the "Look & Feel" thread) but in
regard to the filesystem this is not the case. Providing consistent and
accurate documentation is key to providing an easy environment to
develope in and providing one that is similar to Apple's is essential to
making it easy for developers and users to migrate from Apple's systems.
Whether this proposal is to be used is only one possible solution to
this issue.

I personally feel the this filesystem hierarchy proposal should be the
one that is embraced by the GNUstep community and development team as a
whole but if that is not pleasing to the majority then I think another
document with the same goals should be written as there is a need that
must be satisfied somehow.

Jay McCarthy <address@hidden>
aim: rasarasda / irc: feelicks

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