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Re: Unimplemented AppKit classes

From: Alan West
Subject: Re: Unimplemented AppKit classes
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:22:28 +0000
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Gregory Casamento wrote:

See below...

--- Alan West <address@hidden> wrote:
I switched from using KDE to GNUstep built from cvs. With everything setup I'm now in a position to start helping out. I'd have liked to help implement the NSToolbar and NSStatusbar - but I guess its not worth it... Is it simply that the GNUstep project's aim is to copy the older Nextstep

GNUstep is an implementation of OpenStep, not NEXTSTEP.  There is a difference.
Exactly - GNUstep doesn't have to look like Nextstep because it is an implementation of Openstep.

without any improvements made in similar directions to the latest MacOS X version of Nextstep?......

GNUstep absolutely does incorporate improvements from MOSX.  For example,
you'll notice that classes such as NSOutlineView, NSOpenGLView and others are
present in GNUstep, but are not present on older OpenStep boxes.   The aim is
to create a framework which can be used to port both MOSX applications and
older OPENSTEP applications to GNUstep on any number of platforms. :)
Which is why I got extremely interested in the GNUstep project.

GNUstep also has a number of improvements which MOSX lacks, such as certain
GNUstep specific classes which arent' in MOSX.

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