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Testing GNUMail under Linux/Gentoo

From: René Berber
Subject: Testing GNUMail under Linux/Gentoo
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 17:17:27 -0500

On 2003-05-08 15:27:29 -0500 Catherine Luedecker <address@hidden> wrote:

> Well, my installs worked okay after getting changing a couple of emerge 
> commands
I just tested the emerge packages with Pantomime and GNUMail, both  1.1.0pre2 
and it works, no tricks or special instructions needed.

I did (starting from a system with no GNUstep):

   emerge dev-util/gnustep-make
   emerge dev-util/gnustep-base
   emerge dev-util/gnustep-back     (this one installed gnustep-gui)
   emerge dev-util/gnustep-guile     (this one failed, but it's not necessary)
   emerge x11-wm/gnustep-env      (don't ask, I don't know what's in it or 
what's it for)
   . /usr/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh
   tar xzvf Pantomime-1.1.0pre2.tar.gz
   cd Pantomime
   make install                              (there's in an error message in 
the build, but it succeeds anyway, the error is that GSCategories.h is not 
found, and it really is not there)
   cd ..
   tar xzvf GNUMail-1.1.0pre2.tar.gz
   cd GNUMail
   make install

and it runs.  I'll use it a little further and report any problems I find, but 
it seems to be OK (this time I'm running it under KDE, I usually do it under 
René Berber

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