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Re: Look and Feel

From: Raphael Bosshard
Subject: Re: Look and Feel
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 00:33:57 +0100
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Jeremy Tregunna wrote:

On 10-Feb-05, at 2:29 PM, Raphael Bosshard wrote:

First of all; I would welcome a new icon theme, as I would a new default look. I like the OpenStep-Framework and enjoy programming in Objectiv-C. But it just makes no fun if your applications look like time-warped from the 80ies.

They're not that bad.

No, they are not. I'm exaggerating. But truth is that I don't see any differences between the GNUStep version (it was 0.2 something I think) that was shipped with my first GNU/Linux CD back in '97. Back than, the focus was to recreate OPENStep for Linux. But a lot of things have changed since.

I know that GNUStep has the ability to use themes. But what I am talking about it the default theme. NO matter how may themes there are; the first impression is always the default theme. And the current theme is not very impressive.

I'm not saying

However; what I really would like to see is the ability to use already existing icon themes, GNOME icon themes, KDE, whatever. A lot of work could be saved this way and especially GNOME has some fine icon themes.

We ought to have our own icons, using ones from other projects just doesn't seem write (*waits to be branded as a purist*)

So you are a purist. So what. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. To be honest; everyone should forced to have an opinion. But that's another discussion. ;)

Yes. GNUStep should have it's own icons. Absolutly. But why catch to fishes with one hook? If I could use the same icon themes for GNUStep and GNOME/KDE, this would simplify many things. Currently, many icon themes for KDE get re-packed for GNOME and vis-versa. Silly.

What I also would like to see is some further development in the OS X direction. OS X is currently considered the most advanced user interface. It would be no shame to learn from OS X and imitate where appropriate. The top-screen menubar is one thing but there are other issues.

This is nearly impossible to implement satisfactorily (ie., if the horizontal menu is 20 pixels high, you need to patch the window manager itself to prevent window positions from going into the area the verticle menu occupies). If that's not a big issue for you, and you don't mind occasionally the window's title bar hidden behind the verticle menu, WildMenus will work just fine for you.

I don't think that this is really a problem. Since WindowMaker is going to be replaced by a native GNUStep app, everything can be made. Even a toaster.. ;) (And the GNOME people with their pseudo-application-menu on the top also made it somehow)

Jeremy Tregunna


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